Saturday, February 13, 2010

How To Surprise Someone You Love On Valentine's Day

Do you feel like sending a surprise to someone or people you love on valentine's day But you do not know how to keep them from finding out that it was you and you do not want to be caught. And you have no idea what you would even do to surprise them. Here are tips on to surprise someone you love.

1. A Singing Telegram is a full tradition that has been used in many of movie lines. Send a bear, clown or old lady to sing a personalized song.

2. Sending flowers is still a timeless gift and wonderful idea. There are many types of flowers from the rose to exotic plants that can be delivered worldwide right online.

3. Cookie Bouquets are a yummy treat to send someone and a great fun idea. Include a special sweet message with their sweet treat.

4. Send a chef as a surprise to cook someone a special meal as a surprise.

5.A Lawn Greeting is the best way to surprise someone and they do all the work. Someone will go out between midnight and seven in the morning. They will place flamingos, cows, hearts, flowers, old age signs and more in the front yard. There is also a large message card that is personalized with a special message that you pick. The lawn greeting will stay in the yard until evening and the lawn greeting company picks up the signs. Let them know you do not want the person to know who it is from and they will keep it a secret.


Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Whatever surprise we will give our loved one on Valentines Day, what is important is the message from the heart. Even a simple Valentine card with heartfelt dedication expressing one's sentiment will be more memorable and lasting than the most expensive gift one can buy but lacking in heartfelt feelings and emotions. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

The Flamingess said...

I'm delighted that you consider a lawn greeting one way to help create a sound relationship. As a public display of affection, a yard full of attention getting figures is hard to top. The option of sending one anonymously gives everyone involved a little extra fun.

editor said...

Thanks Flamingess,I appreciate your comment


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