Monday, June 21, 2010

What You Need To Know About Relationships

Relationships aren’t destinations but ends.
They are journeys taken by men in the same ship in life.
Men with the same purpose and sense of judgement
Men with similar visions and goals.
Men with the same commitment and zeal.
They are founded on the conviction of each other.
And by commitment to each other
Strengthened by their faith in each other
Supported by the decision of each other.
They are meant to bless not batter
To complement and not to struggle
To commend and not to condemn
To learn from and not to dominate
To produce miracles and not mirages in marriage.
To produce victors and not victim in the home
To stimulate productivity and not strains in associations
To progress and not be stagnant in life
If done in sincerity,truth and love

They should be built on love and not lust
They should be handled with care and not treated with levity
They should be respected by all and not despised by any.
They should be seen as experiences and not experiments

Handled them with care:they are easily broken
Treat them with respect: they are easily discouraged
Guard them zealeously: they are usually envious
Appreciate them constansly: they need reassurance
Shower them with love: they deserve it.


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