Tuesday, April 26, 2011

How To Spot An Abusive Partner

Spotting abusive tendencies in a partner early on in a relationship can save you years of pain and misery. Abuse affects woman from all walks of life, and the question is : Will you be able to spot an abusive partner and put an end to the twade before it even begins? Expects say you can and you should.

Here are the sign that your partners has abusive tendencies:

He’s controlling: Almost all abusers are controlling. Itr may start in a subtle way but will eventually build up to the point where you can’t get out of your house without producing a written plan for your day’s activities.
He is possessive: He is very insecure and can’t stand the fact you have other people in your life. Extreme possessiveness can lead to abusive in order to keep you under control.

He alienated your close friends and family: Abusers like to keep their partners away from people who care about them. Your friends are all bad influences.
He verbally abuses you: he never supports you and couldn’t careless about what makes you happy. Hurtful words are there solely for the purpose of hurting someone and a man who loves you would never wants to hurt you.

He hits you: If your partner slaps you around, pushes you againt walls and drags you on the floor by your hair, he is abusing you. Stop hiding the bruses- report it to the police at once, police report will come in handy once you are ready to leave.

He humiliates you: It is all about breaking your spirit. Your confidence and love for your own being dies along with your spirit.


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