Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Marriage Is Not About Finding The Right Person But By Being The Right Person.

There is no perfect partner in marriage. So, your search for a perfect partner is an illusion. You can never find a perfect being because you are not perfect either. Show me a marriage that endured, then, I will show you two people of great patience. Patience, forbearance, accommodation, compromises and long suffering are some of the vital ingredients that sustains a marriage. Do not embark on the futile effort of trying to change your spouse. It will be a wasted effort because to change an adult is not a child’s play and cannot be enforced.

You can only influence your partner and this is by making impact in his/her life through your input. Where your input is nill, your impact will not be registered. So, to change your partner, change yourself. If you change towards your spouse, your own change will bring about his/her change.

Treat your partner with respect, honour him/her, give him/her things, be patient with him/her, stop complaining and start commending, show love and before you know it, your partner will change towards you . Marriage is meant to be enjoyed as instituted by God . His purposes was to remove loneliness, create companionship, bring about increased result and ensure emotional satisfaction. The essence of it is enjoyment not endurance. So, do not allow your marriage to be anything less than what God meant it to be.

Marriage is not a licence to change your partner. Any attempt to change him or her in marriage without first changing yourself will end up in manipulation and control which is nothing less than witchcraft. Do not seek to change your partner, you can not succeed.

Never insist on having your way in marriage, if you do, you would soon part ways. So, do not insist rather strike bargain. Husband are to love; wives are to submit to avoid strife in the home.


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