Thursday, November 25, 2010

Do It While You Still can

When you lose a loved one, you realize that relationships are more important than possessions, but we forget that in our sramble to the top of the heap, being told you have only a short time to live puts you into shock, then re-orders your priorities. It makes you want to fill each precious moment with the words you’ve neglected to do. Don’t allow self-certredness to keep you from showing love to those who need it. Make that call, send that email, buy those flowers. Say ‘I love you’. In other words, ‘be there’ most of the time people don’t need our wise analysis or brilliant answers, they just need our love and support and they’ll will find their own answers

The son of a well-know missionary stood at his dad’s grave without shedding a tear. He told someone, ‘you never miss what you never had’. My dad loved people on the other side of the world, but I’m not sure he loved me. wake up! The clock is ticking and the days are flying by. Yes, you must fulfil your assignment but not at the cost of the people that matter


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